Delhi is the capital of India and centre point for culture and traditional, Delhi is the largest metropolis city in India which cover more than 20 Million inhabitants Delhi is situated in centre point of India and its geographical location was very strategic for trade, politics, culture both in the past and today. Delhi is the main entrance to the country.

Delhi is the oldest cities in the world along with Jerusalem and Varanasi. The city is estimated more than 5,000 years old and Delhi has been destroyed and constructed at least Eleven times by the different rulers or dynasty like Chauhan Dynasty, Maurya Dynasty, Slave Dynasty (Delhi Sultanate), Lodhi Dynasty, Mughal Dynastye and last under the British crown.
Despite the fact that in the past there was a large Muslim population in Delhi (mostly descendants of the builders of the city’ monuments) Later they are migrate to Pakistan during the Partition of India in 1947 and small community left in Delhi.
Central Delhi – known as Old Delhi is a highly congested area and to the south of this area is New Delhi an area built by British with well planned city. the city are divide into two parts of Delhi New and old Delhi, Both are worth discovering. In Old Delhi visit the bazaars, spice Market in the morning along with Enjoy the experience of riding Paddi rickshaw and in the afternoon to regain energy somewhere in New Delhi

New Delhi has very interesting places that you can visit. It is a city with a lot of history and it has two World Heritage monuments, the Qutab Minar and Humayun’s tomb, Birla Temple

Also if you like festivals and crowds, in New Delhi you can find many events of this type, such as Republic Day, Independence Day (August 15), Delhi citizens like to fly kites as they consider them a symbol of freedom or Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. In Delhi you will able to visit an endless number of palaces and monuments, some of them a World Heritage Site. The crowds in Delhi merge with the vehicles generating an absolutely hectic pace worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.
Scenic India tour is offering Delhi Tour Package which included same day tours from Delhi, experiences and day activities in Delhi. Delhi has approximately 22 significant historical monuments, along with Temples, Churches and Sikh Gurudwaras, museums and markets.